Dealing with the death of a loved one may be the most difficult challenge we'll ever face. There is no reason to face it alone.

Sometimes a death loss may be complicated because your relationship with that person was complicated. Maybe there were things left unsaid, there are painful memories or the death was sudden or traumatic. When a person's grief-related thoughts, behaviors or feelings are extremely distressing, unrelenting or incite concern, the Bereavement Centre is here to help.

We provide bereavement services so you can reinvest in life and find a new normal. We offer individual counselling, support groups and a children and teens grief camp.

Each experience of grief is unique, complex and personal so a counsellor will tailor individual counselling to meet the specific needs of each person.

Group therapy can be helpful for those who find solace in sharing of thoughts and feelings and recovery results are often rapid in this setting.

Thanks to the generosity of the Co-operators, grief support groups are offered at a reduced rate.

Fall 2017 Program Guide


Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is available to people ages 4 and up and to those who have experienced any type of death loss including death due to illness, accident, trauma or a missing person's loss (also known as ambiguous loss).

Your counselling journey is a tailored experience specifically designed to support your needs and assist you through your journey of grief; you may also participate in group counselling supports as part of your healing process. While clients participate in an average of 5 - 6 counselling sessions, your experience will be unique to you.

Counselling is offered as a fee for service and is administered on a sliding payment scale to accommodte all incomes. Fees for your services may be covered by your insurance provider or your Employee Assistance Program.


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