What is hospice care?

Hospice care is a program of active, compassionate, palliative care provided to residents for whom a cure is no longer medically possible. Energies increasingly focus on the relief of suffering, and achievement of comfort and the best possible quality of life. Hospice care affirms life and regards dying as a normal process, neither hastening nor postponing death. Hospice care helps people live a better quality of life including the final days. Achieving this requires attention not only to the control of pain and other symptoms but also to psychological and spiritual needs.

What we support...

Regina Wascana Grace Hospice

The Regina Wascana Grace Hospice offers specialized and professional attention to residents who are at the final stages of life, in a comfortable residential setting and in a manner that also is considerate of the needs of family members.

Regina Palliative Care Inc. funded the furnishings and specialized equipment at Regina Wasacana Grace Hospice, enhancing the hospice environment. Over $30,000 was donated by RPCI for renovations to the nursing station in 2013. Over the course of 3 years (2014 - 2016) Regina Palliative Care Inc. funded in-wall oxygen in the amount of $75,000, enhancing the quality of life for it's patients.


Charitable number 11911 4221 RR0001
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